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Welcome to Galtsand

Redefining American Sportswear for a New Generation

With a legacy that dates back to 1986, Galtsand stands as a testament to the evolution of American Sportswear. Our journey began with the creation of an iconic loose-fitting, round-neck sweatshirt—a hallmark of collegiate style and the inception of our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship.

In the early 90s, we embarked on a venture to design apparel that resonates with outdoor enthusiasts and enthusiasts of licensed sports. Collaborating with esteemed entities such as Alaska State, NCAA, and the NFL, our brand solidified its position at the intersection of quality, heritage, and excellence.

Over the years, we have upheld an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and enduring craftsmanship, setting the standard for what a heritage brand should embody. Our dedication is not merely to fashion but to the creation of heirloom apparel—garments designed to transcend style and stand the test of time.

We take pride in presenting two meticulously curated collections: Heritage and Movement. The Heritage Collection stands as a testament to our rich history, featuring timeless designs that bridge advanced garment technology with classic fashion sensibility. Each piece in this collection is constructed with sophisticated precision, reflecting the enduring essence of high-quality heritage apparel. The Movement collection seamlessly blends the spirit of activity with the power of the present moment. These pieces are designed not just for performance but also as a statement of vitality.

Our mission is to go beyond creating clothing; we aspire to weave together stories, memories, and legacies. Our brand is defined by our unwavering dedication to quality and heritage. Step into a worldwhere timeless style meets exceptional craftsmanship, where sportswear transcends generations, and where every garment serves as a testament to the lasting legacy of heritage. 

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